At College City Realty we understand the care and time it takes to manage your investment. When you manage with CCR your services include…

  • Pricing the property at the right market rent. Tuscaloosa is experiencing growth like we have never seen before. Knowing what amount to list for and when to adjust asking rent is key to your property’s success.
  • Advertising. We push to a number of online platforms when listing your property. In today’s market you need to be competitive on a number of different sites. We also use traditional post and stake signs in the yard.
  • Video Tours. CCR offers free of charge the advertising of a virtual tour to our Youtube Channel. Video tours will help lease your property in a shorter time frame.
  • Show the property to prospective tenants. Opening doors for prospects, scheduling showings and explaining the leasing process is very time consuming. We handle every aspect of this.
  • Verify credit references and background checks of prospective tenants and secure guarantor agreements where needed. We also offer prospects the ability to apply online and pay Security Deposits online as well. This helps streamline the process.
  • Lease and/or August pre-lease the property. This will vary by property use and Owner agenda.
  • Collect rent. We take the hassle out of collecting and chasing monthly rent. We offer your tenant the option to pay rent online, automatic payments, credit cards and ACH payments.
  • Monthly Owner Reports. Every month you will receive your payment with an itemized description of rents collected, expenses and maintenance performed.
  • Direct Deposit. We offer direct bank deposits of your money at your request.
  • Handle all tenant issues. From property maintenance calls to subleasing we handle the process for you.
  • Property Management Software. CCR operates out of Rent Manager Property Management Software. This helps us better manage your asset in a timely manner.

Please call us today to see what College City Realty can do for you. 205.345.2400 or email